ImmobilienBau Mallorca as Real Estate Broker

Island paradise for connoisseurs

Anyone searching for a perfect property on Mallorca needs comprehensive insider information. Without accurate market knowledge – even outside traditional distribution channels – it is almost impossible to find the ideal estate or apartment. ImmobilienBau Mallorca is an experienced real estate broker with an excellent on-site network. With its long-term success as a project developer, ImmobilienBau Mallorca understands the exact needs of different buyers. An exact requirement profile is the basis for searching for the most suitable property. Property location, architecture, equipment, expected value development – all this is included in the planning and search. This is how new Mallorquins achieve their dream property without detours.

ImmobilienBau Mallorca as Property Developer

New dream houses in dream locations

What are the three most important criteria for a property? The standard response is: location, location, location. This applies to town houses as well as to estates. And on a beautiful island like Mallorca, all the more so. ImmobilienBau Mallorca has some of the latest properties in unique dream locations. But not only that: as a developer, the company goes further and allows the future owner – depending on construction progress – to help shape the style, materials and equipment. This is how houses are built according to customer requirements: with high construction quality, modern comfort, the latest technology and manageable wait times. And as we said, in dream locations.

ImmobilienBau Mallorca as Construction Company 

Residential values that stand

The quality of the house begins and ends with the quality of the work, which is integrated in the planning and construction. ImmobilienBau Mallorca is known not only for its high quality standards, but also for its flexibility and transparency. Almost all materials can be pre-selected and chosen in the office. Special requests are not a problem. Each extra item can be ordered at manageable fixed prices. Professional visualizations present all the details in advance and photos document the building progress. As a project developer, ImmobilienBau Mallorca always has the vision of a future user in mind – an invaluable advantage for every real estate owner.

ImmobilienBau Mallorca as Project Developer

The unity of the overall project

Through our activity as a property developer, we are accustomed to thoroughly thinking about the actual land and projects and to evaluate them right from the start. Our own real estate promotions start at around €750,000 and go up to more than €3M. This is not only about calculable square meters, but rather about the unity of the overall project. Whether located high up on the mountain or in the flat valley, both have their advantages and disadvantages. The typical Mallorca seeker only thinks about location, location, location – which is also in its own way correct. However, one should not only think location, location, location – at least not only in terms of altitude. Most of the estates sold are often not very high up, because height means a lot of wind which can be very disruptive during the off-season. 

ImmobilienBau Mallorca as Consultant

The house category must match the property category

Just because an estate has a great view, it doesn't mean that it's the right one. An estate on a slight hill, but in a broad, flatter area, also has an excellent view. Here there is much less wind and you can enjoy the outdoor area of the property almost year round. It is important that the planned end of the project is coherent. This means that the house category must match the property category. You cannot take a "two-star property" and make it into a "four-star facility". You have the typical scenario that during a resale the potential customer is willing to pay the desired price for the facility, but the property isn't convincing enough. This is also true in the reverse direction. A "two-star facility" on a very good property causes the same problem.


ImmobilienBau Mallorca as Solution

For each category there is a correct combination

In every category the right combination can be found, so that the facility is in harmony with the property. In this way you have secured your investment and achieve the right profits from a possible sale. Our motto is: 

Either the location or the price/performance ratio – one of the two must be above average.

We do not offer any property or real estate that doesn't meet either of these two conditions.